> VeriVide Piliscope for the assessment of pilling

VeriVide Piliscope for the assessment of pilling 

Brand: VeriVide

Origin:  UK

Pilliscope provides consistent viewing conditions for assessing the effect of pilling tests on woven and knitted fabrics by comparing photographic standards with physical samples.

VeriVide Piliscope

The Pilliscope provides high incident angled illumination, casting heavy, definitive shadows of pilling on the sample. 

The Pilliscope is suitable for use in conjunction with the ‘ICI Tumble Box’, ‘Atlas Random Tumble Piling Tester’ the ‘Martindale Wear Tester’ and similar apparatus, and can also be used with samples derived from actual wear. 

Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth
Overall 146 430 380
Drum 200    
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