> LBT-M6T Labtex AATCC washer

LBT-M6T Labtex

AATCC Monograph 6 Washing machine Labtex LBT-M6T

Brand: Labtex

Standard: AATCCTM88B, TM88C, 124, 135, 143, 150, LP1-2018


Another model: LBT-M6

LBT-M6T Labtex

AATCC Monograph 6 Washing machine Labtex LBT-M6T

Lab-tex Top-mounted test washing machine
Recommended by AATCC Association of America: AATCC Monograph 6 Washing Machine
Standards compliant:AATCCTM88B, TM88C, 124, 135, 143, 150, LP1-2018
The washing machine is a standard shrinkage test (dedicated) washing machine brand approved and recommended by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC). Test textiles (such as knitted fabrics, woven fabrics and garments) have obtained shrinkage or elongation after one or more washings. They can also carry out various appearance evaluations after washing and develop care for clothing and clothing.

Washing Cycle :AATCC LP1-2018 124, 135, 143, 150
TableI(Normal.Delicate.Permanent press)
TableIIC (Normal.Delicate.Permanent press)
Table IID(Normal.Delicate)
Table IIIA(Normal.Delicate)
Table IIIB(Normal.Delicate)
Drain & Spin 、Rinse & Spin

Customizing Cycle:
TableIIA(Normal.Delicate.Permanent press)
TableIIB(Normal.Delicate.Permanent press)

Water Control: 25 ~60℃ (wash) Tap water (Rinse)

Technical Parameters
Laundry amount:10.5KG
power supply:220V/50HZor120V/60HZ
Package Size:700mm*680mm*1040mm
Package weight:78KG

Table IIA—Alternate Laundering Parameters

(Traditional Top-loading Washing Machines 2000-2008)



Permanent Press


Water Level Medium

18± 1 gal

18± 1 gal

18± 1 gal

Agitation Speed

179± 2 spm


119± 2 spm

Washing Time

12± 1 min

10± 1 min

8±1 min

Final Spin Speed

645± 15 rpm



Final Spin Time

6 ±1 min

4 ±1 min

6 ±1 min


Table II B

AATCC 88B,88C-2018 Table / AATCC 124,135,143,150-2018 Table

Table II C

Table II D

Table III A, Table III B


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