> Aqua-Piccolo LE-D – Leather – Digital Moisture Meter

Aqua-Piccolo LE-D – Leather – Digital Moisture Meter

Manufacturer: KPM

Origin: Germany

Application Industry: Agricultural Products, Leather

Aqua-Piccolo moisture meters are a smaller and less expensive alternative to the Aqua-Boy for measuring the moisture content of leather.


  • If the special electrodes available for the Aqua-Boy are not needed. The Aqua-Piccolo is small enough to be easily carried in a pocket.
  • The needle electrodes are part of the meter. For the protection of the user the needles are covered by a guard that is automatically withdrawn when the needles are pressed in to the material to be measured


  • The measuring electrode is incorporated in the upper part of the moisture meter.
  • To avoid injuries, the electrode needles are recessed and emerge only when the electrode is pressed upon the material to be measured.
  • With the electrode in contact with the material to be measured, depress the button and read the moisture percentage directly on the meter scale.
  • Release the measuring button to end the measurement.
Supplier  Aqua-Boy/ KPM
Model Aqua Piccolo LE-D
Meter Type Moisture Meter
Built In Scale 8%~40%
Additional Scales  No
Accuracy plus/minus 0.5%
Reproducibility No
Operation Press the white measuring button and read the result directly on the meter scale.
Display Digital LCD
Power Source 1 x 9v Battery
Demension (WxHxL) 68 x 34 x 120mm
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