> REFOND RF1201AS Light Fastness Tester (AS standard)

REFOND RF1201AS Light Fastness Tester

(Mercury-Tungsten Lamp) – AS standard

Brand: REFOND 

Orrigin: China

Light Fastness Tester determines the color fastness and degradation due to the effects of sunlight on textiles.

Testing Standards: AS2001.4.21

  1. 500 watt standard Mercury Tungsten Lamp.
  2. Max. 12 specimen holders hang along the test chamber internal wall, exposure the specimens to the light source evenly.
  3. Standard sample cutting template for preparing the specimens.
  4. The balancing device fixed the lamp centrally.
  5. Timers for control the testing time and record the lifetime of lamp.
  6. Black panel thermometer record the surface temperature of specimens.
  1. 500 watts Standard Mercury-Tungsten Lamp
  2. 12 Sample Holders
  3.  Special sample cutter
  4. Tungsten lamp controller
  5. Black Panel Temperature Meter
  6. Balancing Device
  7. Power Supply: AC230V, 50Hz/60Hz
  8. Dimension: 380(L)×600(W)×500(H)mm
  9. Weight: approx. 20kg
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