• hop-soi-mau-cac60-verivide


    Solutions for

    with all light sources: D65, T84, CWF, U30, UV, A

  • may-doc-mau-cam-tay-exact-xrite


    Solutions for

    CIE L*a*b*, CIE L*C*h°, CIE XYZ and Yxy

  • bong-den-cho-tu-soi-mau

    Broad range of
    light lamps

    D65, T84, CWF, U30, UV, A

  • may-test-luc-nut

    Broad range of



We Provide all of Your Fabric, Fiber, Dyeing and Finishing Needs

BIS Trading Service Co., Ltd specializes in providing testing tools and equipment, lab supplies, accessories and machinery in textile, garment, foot wares, other relating industries, and general industries. [more]

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In addition to selling testing instruments and consumables, we offer a range of services to support clients in the field of textile testing. Our skilled team of textile testing experts has the necessary experience and knowledge to provide invaluable training and support, and we have a team of service engineers who will undertake service and calibration support.

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