> Aqua Boy LM Leather Moisture Meter

Aqua Boy LM Leather Moisture Meter

Manufacturer: KPM

Origin: Germany

Application Industry: Leather

Model: LMI – LMIII

The Aqua-Boy LM range of moisture meters are specifically calibrated and tailor made for the leather industry

Supplier  Aqua-Boy/ KPM
Model Aqua-boy LMI Aqua-boy LMIII
Meter Type Moisture Meter
Built In Scale 6% ~ 28% 8%~50%
Additional Scales  centesimal
Accuracy plus/minus  ± 0.1%
Reproducibility  0.20%
Operation Press the white measuring button and read the result directly on the meter scale.
Display  Analogue
Power Source 1 x 9v Battery
Dimension  (WxHxL)  115 x 50 x 170 mm
Code  Standard Electrodes & Accessories
213 Surface electrode head 50 x 40mm
213L Surface electrode head for leather
208 Needle Electrode 17mm
210 Knife Electrode 110mm
200 Universal Measuring Cable
204 Universal Electrode Holder
299 Calibration Resister
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