> KAI-780G-120 smart needle detector KAIYU (scan function)

KAI-780G-120 smart needle detector KAIYU (scan function)

Brand: KAIYU

Origin: HongKong

  • Closed magnetic circuit probe, excellent performance with resistance to interfere ablility.
  • Graphical interface based on multilingual with the touch screen technology operation.
  • Precision metal foreign body positioning technology; Can accurately capture and display the location of the broken needles.
  • Each group Sensitivity of the probe with independent control and parameter adjustment, can adapt to the complex product testing.
Model KAI-780G-120
Detection Method Magnetic induction
Detection Sensitivity

ϕ0.8mm (hight 120 mm)

ϕ0.8mm iron ball

Alarm Method Buzzer, Lamp, Belt Return
Detection Width 600 mm
Belt Speed 35m/min
Power Soure AC 100-240V  50Hz
Rated Output Appr.140W
Machine Size 1560(L) x 1120(W) X 980(H) mm
Paking Size 1610(L) x 1170(W) X 1020(H) mm
Volume 1.92m3
Net weight 237kg
Gross weight 310kg
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