> KAI-600F Fusing machine KAIYU

KAI-600F Fusing machine KAIYU

Brand: KAIYU

Origin: HongKong

Model: KAI-600F

  • Specially designed with electrical elements such as SSR and PC Board etc.
  • The divided heater improves the fusing performance.
  • New pressure and driving machanism assures uniformed pressure.
  • It is small hence requires only limited space for installation.


Model Voltage Heater Fusing width Max belt speed Max pressure Dimension Packing size Gross weight
KAI-600F 220V 5.2KW 600 mm 8.7m/min 1.5 kg/cm2 2000 x1050 x1050 mm 1100 x1100 x650 mm 180kg
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