> HN-870C Hashima auto needle detector

HN-870C Hashima auto needle detector

Brand: Hashima

Origin: Japan

Used to detect broken needles, cutlery and metal-on-metal contamination on clothing, blankets, etc. sewing process.

The Hashima needle detector machine is manufactured to fit the combined testing process on the conveyor system, making the machine easy to operate, the inspection process is fast and with high accuracy.

Model HN-870C
Type HN-870C-120/140/160/180
Detecting method Magnet induction system
Detecting ability

Fe 0.8mm (120mm) Fe 1.0mm (140mm) 

Fe 1.2mm (160mm) Fe 1.5mm (180mm) sphere or above

Detecting level 100 steps
Detecting width 600mm
Detecting height 120mm(standard)/140mm/160mm/180mm
Alarm method buzzer, detecting position lamp, belt return
Belt speed 40m/min, 33m/min, 26m/min
Power supply single – phase
Rated output about 140W
Dimensions 1.050 (W) x 1.650 (L) x 920 (H) mm
Weight 250kg
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