> G227T Qinsun Random tumble pilling tester

G227T Qinsun Random tumble pilling tester

Brand: Qinsun 

Origin: China

Model: G227T 

G227T Random tumble pilling tester-two-box and four-box can be configured. It is mainly used in evaluating the pilling performance of textiles.The instrument is equipped with digital electronic preset counter. Good repeatability of experimental data can help manufacturers effectively control production and inspect the performance of products.

  • High concentric precision of rotating impeller
  • The sample can be observed at any time during the test
  • Imported test lining
  • Flexible and adjustable air control system
  • Test mode diversification
Test mode:  automatic Test chamber depth: 152mm
Test speed:  1200 rpm
End alarm: buzzer alarm
Test station:  4 Presure: Arbitrary adjustable (standard 14-21 KPa)
End alarm:  buzzer alarm Timer: autonics 6 bit timer counter
Inspeller:  aviation aluminum Weight: 75kg
Inspeller length:  121mm Dimension (L x W x H): 90cm x 80cm x 110cm
Test chamber diameter:  146mm Power: 220V 50Hz
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