> KAI-700BK Strip cutting machine

KAI-700BK Strip cutting machine

Brand: KAIYU

Origin: HongKong

Band knife cutting machine is a primary device equipment in garment and knitting etc industries. It could accurately cut the pattern of fabrics. This machine is with special blower decreases resistance between fabrics and table, which enables the fabrics be moved easily and be cut precisely. And it could adjustable speed to fit different fabrics. “A” type of KAI series band knife cutting machine is air cushion type, while “B” type is drive type.


Model KAI-700BK KAI-900BK
Table Specification 1200 x 1600 mm 1500 x 1800 mm
Cutting height 180 mm 180 mm
Knife span 700 mm 900 mm
Knife size 0.45 x 10 x 3500 mm 0.45 x 10 x 3860 mm
Voltage 220/380V 220/380V
Weight 300 kg 380 kg
Packing size 1600 x 880 x 1700 mm 1900 x 900 x 1700 mm
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