> Color reader CR-10 plus Konica Minolta

Color reader CR-10 plus Konica Minolta

Manufacturer: Konica Minolta

Origin: Japan

A portable, battery powered, and hand-held instrument for quick, precise color control.

A standard measuring area of 8 mm and 5 mm with an optional accessory allowing it useful in a broad array of applications

Color reader CR-10 plus Konica Minolta
  • Easy to use and ergonomic, making it great for first-time users

  • Color difference expressed in L*a*b* and dE* or L*C*H* and dE* on the LCD screen

  • Built in storage for up to 1,000 measurement including target data

  • USB connectivity for easy PC connection

  • On board Utility Software application

  • Lightweight, compact size and battery-operated allowing it to be taken almost anywhere

  • Textile garment

  • Printing & Packaging

  • Plastic

  • Painting


Color Reader CR-10 Plus

Illuminating/viewing geometry

8°:di (8°illumination angle/diffuse viewing: specular component included

(conforms to DIN 5033 Teil 7, JIS Z 8722 condition d, ISO 7724/1, CIE No. 15, ASTM E 116


Silicon photocells (6 pcs.)

Display range

L*: 1 to 100

Light source

Pulsed xenon lamps

Measurement time

Approx. 1 sec

Battery performance

Approx. 2,000 measurement at 10-sec. intervals when using alkaline-manganese batteries

Measurement area

Approx. ø8 mm, approx. ø5 mm (optional accessory

(*Optional ø5 mm mask does not conform to DIN 5033 Teil 7 and CIE N)


Standard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.1

(when a white calibration plate is measured 30 times at 10-second intervals)

Display languages

English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese




10° Standard Observer



Display data

Color difference, average (up to 10 times), Pass/fail judgment

Color different formula

Δ (L*a*b*), Δ (L*C*H*), Δ E*ab (CIE 1976)

Data memory

Target data, Samples data(up to 1,000 in total)

Pass/fail item

Δ E*ab, Δ (L*a*b*), Δ (L*C*H*)

Operation temperature/ humidity range

0 to 40°C, relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation

Storage temperature/ humidity range

-20 to 40°C, relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation


4 AA-size alkaline dry batteries or nickel-metal-hydride rechargeable batteries, USB bus power or special AC Adapter

Size (W x H x D)

66 x 158 x 85 mm


420 g (without batteries)

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