> Chroma meter CL-200A Konica Minolta

Chroma meter CL-200A

Manufacturer: Konica Minolta

Origin: Japan

Measure the color temperature, illuminance, chromaticity, excitation purity, and the dominant wavelength of various light sources.

CL-200A Chroma meter Konica Minolta
  • Portable, lightweight, compact and handheld

  • Detachable receptor head

  • Simultaneous measurements

  • Ideal for white LEDs

  • Can be used to measure any light sources

  • LED ranking function

  • Calibration function

  • Easy data transfer

  • Optional PC controllability

  • for lighting production and adjustment

  • for evaluating light source characteristics

  • for color-viewing cabinet maintenance

  • for projector light source research and color inspection

  • for LED billboard development and maintenance


Chroma Meter CL-200A

Luminance meter class

Conforms to requirements for Class AA of JIS C 1609-2006 *Illuminance meters Part 1 : General measuring instruments*

Relative Spectral Response

Closely matches CIE Standard Observer curves X(λ) , y(λ) , and Z(λ) Within 6%(f1′) of the CIE spectral luminous effeciency V(λ)

Cosine response(f2)

Ev: Within 3%


Silicon photocell

Measuring function

Tristimulus values:XYZ

Chromaticity : Ev xy, Ev u’v’

Correlated color temperature: Ev, Tcp, Δuv

Color difference: Δ(XYZ),Δ(Ev, xy),Δ(Ev u’ v’), ΔEvΔ u v

Other function

User calibration function, Data hold function,

Multi-point measurement(2 to 30 points)

Measuring range

0.1-99,990lx, 0.01-9,999 fcd(Chromaticity:5 lx, 0.5 fcd or above) in four automatically selected ranges(lx or fcd is swichable)


Ev: +-2%+-1digit of displayed value

xy: +-0.002(800lx, standardilluminant A measured)


Ev: 0.5%+1 digit(2σ)

xy: +-0.0005

Temperature drift

Ev: +-3%+-1digit of displayed value,

xy: +-0.003

Humidity drift

Ev: +-3%+-1digit of displayed value,

xy: +-0.003

Response time

0.5 sec.(continuous measurement)

Computer interface


Printer output



4 Significant-digit LCD with back-light illumination

Operating temperature/ Humidity range

-10 to 40° C, relative humidity 85% or less

(at 35°C) with no condensation

Storage temperature/ Humidity range

-20 to 55° C, relative humidity 85% or less

(at 35°C) with no condensation

Power source

2 AA-size batteries/AC adapter (optional; for 1 to 10 receptors) or

AC adapter AC-311 (optional; for 1 to 30 receptors)

Battery life

72 hours or longer (when alkaline bateries are used) in continuous measurement




215g(7.6 oz.) not including batteries

*800 lx, Standard Illuminant A measured

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