> Boxun Drying Oven GZX-9420MBE

Boxun Drying Oven GZX-9420MBE


Manufacturer: Boxun Vietnam

Origin: China

The drying oven is applicable for drying, baking, melting and sterilization industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories and scientific research institutes.

  • The shell is made of cold-rolling steel with static spray plastics, the working chamber is made of mirror stainless steel, the shelves can be adjusted optionally;
    Temperature control system adopts microcomputer single chip technology, temperature and time control, over-temperature alarm;
  • Rational air duct and circulatory system make the temperature in working chamber uniformly;
  • Dual LED screens, the touch keyboard set;
  • Imported motor and fan blades, air convection device for circulating the air in working chamber;
  • Nanophase material magnetic door seal strips and heat preservation material;
  • The function of parameters memory and recovery for date protection caused by power failure or system halted.
  • Model: GZX-9420MBE
  • Power Supply: AC 380V/50HZ
  • Temp. Range: RT+5~250℃
  • Temp. Resolution: 1℃
  • Temp. Fluctuation: ±1℃(100℃)
  • Temp. Uniformity: ±1℃(100℃)
  • Power: 3000W
  • Working Chamber (mm): 650×585×1300
  • Overall Size (mm): 780×710×1745
  • Shelves: 3pcs
  • Time Range: 0-999min
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