> VELP Microstirrer Magnetic Stirrer

VELP Microstirrer Magnetic Stirrer

Brand: VELP

Origin: Italy

Model: Microstirrer 

  • Control panel is shielded from liquid spills
  • Epoxy-coated tough steel casing
  • Pale surface for visualization of particles and color changes
  • Remains cold, even after days of continuous use
  • Specifically designed for microtitration
  • Excellent speed control, even at low speed

Construction material epoxy painted metal structure

0.55 kg (1.1lb)

Electronic speed regulation up to 1100rpm
Speed control

excellent speed control even at low revolutions

Power 0.6W

Dimensions ( WxHxD)

120 x 48 x 128 mm (4.7 x 1.9 x 5 in)
Stirring volume (H2O) up to 5 liters
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