> VELP ATE Magnetic Stirrer

VELP ATE Magnetic Stirrer

Brand: VELP

Origin: Italy

Model: ATE

  • Control panel is shielded from liquid spills
  • Epoxy-coated tough steel casing
  • Applications in Mind
  • High power for viscous liquids
  • Pale surface for visualization of particles and color changes
  • Soft start but rapidly reaching set speed
Model ATE
Construction material epoxy painted metal structure
Power 25 W
Weight 3.7 Kg (8.1 lb)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 250x120x285 mm (9.8×4.7×11.2 in)
Electronic speed regualtion up to 1200 rpm
Stirring volume (H2O)  up to 25 liters
Stirring system high-power driving magnet type ”PCM” operated by a mono-phase motor for continuous operation
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