> UltraView all-LED Verivide light booth

UltraView all-LED Verivide light booth


Origin: UK

The all-new Industry leading tuneable LED Technology by VeriVide.

UltraView all-LED Verivide light booth

  • Configured with all-LED tunable calibrated light sources 
  • 8 lights scores: CIE D65, CIE D50, L40-8, L35-8, L30-8, L31-9, CIE illuminant A, UV
  • Surpasses all major standards for visual evaluation, including ASTM, AATCC, BSI, DIN, SAE and ISO ( including ISO 3668,3664 and 13076)
  • VeriVide’s filtered ultraviolet LED technology allows precise assessment by eliminating unwanted visible light
  • Touch screen interface with various features: calibration status, usage data logs, running temperature that offers unprecedented reporting and traceability


Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth
Overall 914 834 690
Viewing Area 866 570
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