> SDCE verification fabrics

SDCE verification fabrics

Manufacturer: SDCE  Vietnam

Origin: UK

SDCE verification fabrics have combined their extensive knowledge of fabric quality control, textile testing, dyeing and continuity of technical performance in test materials to develop a range of verification fabrics to improve the controls available to organisations involved in textile testing.

SDCE Verification fabrics:
  • 2950: SDCE Verification Fabric Colour
  • 2955: SDCE Verification Fabric Physical
  • 2960: SDCE Verification Fabric Pilling
  • 2965: SDCE Verification Fabric Snagging
  • 3000: SDCE Correlation Fabric Colour
  • 3005: SDCE Correlation Fabric Physical
  • 3010: SDCE Correlation Fabric Pilling
  • 3015: SDCE Correlation Fabric Snagging
  • Colour Fastness, Dimensional Stability, Physical
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