> SDCE Light Fastness Mounting Cards

Light Fastness Mounting Cards

Manufacturer: SDCE

Origin: UK

Used for mounting the Blue Wool pieces and test specimens.

OBA/FBA free cards

SDCE Light Fastness Mounting Cards

To complement the range of Blue Wool Standards we also supply specially prepared mounted card that is totally free of any optical brightening agents. This ensures mounted samples are easier to grade as the card does not show a significant Colour change. It is widely recognized that the Colour of the background can influence how an item is finally graded.

Use of OBA/FBA free cards is recommended as OBA/FBA’s are not stable under exposure to the light and any visual change in the mounting card can influence the grading process. This is specified in several standards.

  • 2836: LFS Mounting card FBA Free 13 x 4.5 cm

  • 2837: LFS Mounting card FBA Free 14 x 7 cm


ISO 105 B

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