> Color Viewing Lamp TL84 Philips

Color Viewing Lamp TL84 Philips


BIS Vietnam is also the authorized agent of some international standard lamps, example of Verivide, Gretag Macbeth, GE, Philips, Sylvania.

Manufacturer: Philips Vietnam

Origin: Poland, Holland, Thailand, USA

TL84(48”) – Philips MCFE 40W/840 (Poland)

TL84(48”) – Philips Master TL-D 36W/840 (Poland)

TL84(60″) – Philips MCFE 65-80W/840 P15 (Poland)

TL84(36″) – Philips Master TLD 30W/840 (Holland)

TL84(24″) – Philips Ultralume F20T12/41U (USA)

TL84(24″) – Philips Master TL-D 18W/840 (Holland)

TL84(24″) – Philips TLD 18W/840 (Thailand)

TL84(60″) – Philips Master TLD 58W/840 (Poland)

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